52-Week Photo Challenge  – Week 7 “Red”

I love red! Red lipstick, red clothes, red shoes, red accessories, red flowers, red birds, red rocks. All shades of red too! 

One of my favorites is red nail polish. All shades of this too lol! 

So for this week’s challenge i had a lot of choices for red and I was having a hard time deciding what to do. 

Then last Thursday it fell into place the exact photo I wanted to take. 🙂

Scarlett had her first visit to the pet grooming salon.  She was shedding something awful.  I would brush and brush and never seem to make a dent. So I took her to be professionally groomed. When I dropped her off they asked a lot of questions about what I wanted done to Scarlett.  One of which was “Do you want her nails painted?” “Yes!” I said, “Red!”

So this week we have a joint photo of our red nails. 🙂

52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 6 “Lazy Days”

For some reason “Lazy Days” makes me think of a hot summer day. Which is OK in the winter.  Warm thoughts are always good lol! 

So coming up with a photo for this week’s challenge was more difficult. I decided that a lazy day for me, especially in winter, is a day spent scrapbooking.  I don’t get too many chances to just spend a whole day crafting.  But earlier this week I did just that and it was wonderful.  Even better, I was working on a beach themed album. Warm thoughts indeed! 

So my photo for this week’s challenge is of my crafting space. It’s a little messy. But it gets that way when I’m deep into a project 🙂

Of course Scarlett is lazy when I am. My crafting corner is in our spare bedroom we’ve dubbed the “fun room”. Aside from my corner, the rest of the room is used for music. My husband’s band, “Reverend E and the Vagrants”, practice here most every week. While they practice, I scrapbook and give constructive feedback on the songs they practice.  

When it’s just me in the room, Scarlett likes to lay on the rug in front of the drum set. She crashes while I craft. Lazy day for sure for Scarlett!

52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 5 “Wide Angle”

For me, wide angle usually means vistas.  Long reaching views.  But I thought I would reign  it in a little with this challenge.

I shoot with a Nikon 1 camera that has a really cropped view with a standard lens.  So I have a “wide angle” lens for my mirrorless camera that let’s me shoot a much wider view.  My camera also has some built in features that let you take different kinds of photos.  I used the HDR feature for this photo.  It blended the different exposures nicely.

I hike in Corrales quite often as it is very pretty there along the bosque and I usually don’t run into a lot of people.  I’m one of those folks that happiest if I hike all day and don’t run into a soul.  I like to experience nature all by myself.

Many times I have driven through Corrales and seen a sign about an historical church down a side road.  I have never taken the time to visit this church.  I figured a visit was in order with this week’s challenge.  I was not disappointed.  The church was built in 1868 and has the typical New Mexico church look.


San Ysidro Church, Corrales, New Mexico


For Scarlett, wide angle meant “mom! get me doing something really cool!”  🙂  So she ran up this old deadfall and posed nicely for this week’s photo challenge.


Miss Scarlett on a “wide angle” deadfall


52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 4 “Self Portrait”

Week 4 was “Self Portrait”.   Lots of things came to mind for me for this week’s challenge I thought about setting up my camera on a tripod and getting creative with lighting, etc.  But then I thought, I need to show “me” as I see myself.

So here’s my “selfie” for the challenge.  I love exploring interesting, picturesque places…and most especially in the southwest.  The varied landscapes and wide vistas can’t be beat in New Mexico. And while exploring and photographing my adventures, I like to look my best.  And that means doing my hair and wearing red lipstick.  🙂

This photo was taken at White Sands National Monument in southern New Mexico.  I had a great time exploring the dunes.  It was 20 degrees outside but I didn’t seem to notice since the sun was shining so nicely.  I haven’t been t0 White Sands since about 1976 when I was a young girl.  While there I thought of all the fun my family had picnicking in the dunes.


Kelly having a good hair day 🙂


Scarlett obviously couldn’t take her own selfie.  Now she’s a smart girl and could probably figure it out, but I didn’t have the time to show her LOL!   So I took her picture for her.  She loved running up and down the dunes as fast as she could go.  You can see she was having a great time.


Miss Scarlett

52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 3 “Drink”

This past weekend I got to travel with my friend Valerie and Miss Scarlett.  We went to Phoenix to participate in a scrapbooking class. 

The weather was terrible on the northern route. So we took the southern route through Tucson.  We stopped in at a local bar to have a burger and a drink. The burger was delicious but sadly I was driving so I couldn’t enjoy any of the unique margaritas or any of their handcrafted beers. Sigh….

So my picture for the week was of my friend’s drink. Looks delicious. 

Scarlett was wanting to have a drink too so she sidled up to the bar next to Valerie to order. A big thanks to Johan for participating in the photo. 

52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 2 “Winter”

So the challenge for Week 2 is “Winter”.  Let’s be honest here…. I hate winter.  Ugh!  But! The one redeeming thing about winter in New Mexico is overwintering birds!

I spend the entire winter looking for all the visiting waterfowl in the greater Albuquerque area.  That’s what gets me through the winter season without getting depressed LOL!

So my photo of the week is of a duck-filled pond in northern New Mexico with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the background.


Ohkay Owingeh Tribal Lakes

While visiting these lakes, I was lucky enough to get a lifer bird! A Barrow’s Goldeneye!


Barrow’s Goldeneye – female

For Scarlett winter has a whole different meaning.  To her it means fun, fun, fun!!! This picture is of her pulling on the snow shovel as I’m trying to shovel snow off the back patio.  She made my task twice as difficult but I couldn’t deny her all that fun.


Miss Scarlett having fun attacking the snow shovel