Atlanta Botanical Gardens

In early April I flew to Atlanta to surprise one of my best friends, Kelly, on her 40th birthday.  She had no idea I was coming, so it was a wonderful surprise for her.

Her local friends put on a fabulous party for her.  It was first class! They even got her an ice sculpture!!!  I also stayed up the longest I ever had.  I got up at 3:30 am to catch my flight and when I landed I immediately went to the party.  Things didn’t wrap up there until 3:30 am and then we had an hour’s drive to Kelly’s house.  I don’t think I went to be until after 5 am!


Kelly & Kelly


Me with Bob Dylan – one of Kelly’s favorite artists

Another friend named Angie also flew in to surprise Kelly.  The three of us used to work together here in Albuquerque, but eventually Angie and Kelly moved away.  Thankfully we have kept in touch and manage to see each other periodically.

The day after the party, the three of us wanted to do something together.  But nothing too adventurous since we were slightly hungover and short on sleep.  It was a pretty nice day so we decided to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  I’m so glad we went.  We strolled and visited and enjoyed beautiful scenery.


The day we were there was the last day of an orchid show.  They had over 400 variety of orchids on display.  Stunning!  I had no idea there were so many varieties!


Angie, Kelly & Kelly


Kelly & Kelly

The show was held in the Conservatory.  A very large building that had several types of climates.





Here’s some of the stunning orchids we saw.  I could have posted so many more than this!  🙂


I never would have guessed these were orchids.


This one looks like the head of a cobra snake.


Stunning colors and patterns




Interesting pattern

Touring the conservatory was just amazing.  Everywhere you looked, there was something unique.  No niche was left without some kind of plant.  You wanted to walk through slowly so as not to miss some little treasure.



These strands are roots of plants planted 30 feet above in the ceiling.  I loved this!


All of these colors are on one plant. 



I thought this looked like the mouth of the Kraken!  Arrrgh!!!  🙂


There were many varieties of pitcher plants.  Fascinating!


These stripes looked painted on.


Outside, we walked along an elevated footpath that offered stunning views of the gardens and you felt like you were walking in the tree tops.


Elevated path.

There were wonderful statues throughout the gardens.  One of my favorites was of a bust of a woman.  It will be a living statue in the warmer months.  But for now, she’s bare but still beautiful.


Fat, lazy frog!


Adorable statue of a boy catching frogs.


Creative fountain.


I really liked this deer statue.


The living statue.  I hope to see this woman transformed with living, blooming plants.

We visited the children’s garden.  Kelly hates snakes, she didn’t want to walk on this path.  LOL!



A little gnome was trying to get my attention 😉




The grounds were just beautiful.  I can only imagine this place in the warmer months.  It must be spectacular!



The pink tree is dead.  They painted it to give it a second life.



So creative!


I liked the perfect pine tree


One of my favorite photos was of the English garden area.  Just beautiful!


English Garden

I think we only saw maybe a 1/3rd of the gardens that day.  It’s a huge place. It was still pretty cold in Atlanta.  But there were a few blooming plants and trees outside.


One of my favorite blooming trees – the Dogwood




Not sure what this flower was, but this is exactly what it looked like.  Seriously!!



Stunning Japanese Maple

We came across these vivid azaleas.  Such striking colors!


Can you believe these colors!?!


The trees in Atlanta are so tall.  I’m not used to trees that big.  Things are more stunted out here in the desert.


I have a confession to make about this post.  Can you believe I didn’t bring my camera with me to Atlanta?!?  I was only going for 3 days and the forecast said rain the whole time.  I just figured we wouldn’t get out so didn’t want to keep up with my camera.  I was grieving for it!!!

My purse I used looks like a camera.  So Kelly took a picture of me acting like I’m taking a photo with my camera purse.  That’s how desperately I was wanting my camera!


So what did I use to take these photos?  My phone!!!  Our phone’s cameras have improved tremendously over the last few years.  I was real pleased with what I captured.  I hope you agree!

I’m planning on visiting again in August.  I will definitely be bringing my good camera then!!!


15 thoughts on “Atlanta Botanical Gardens

  1. These turned out so great! I love the narrative. Made me cry thinking about how special that whole three days was to me to have you here. Glad we got to explore the gardens together. We have been back three times with the kids and it is so different every time. Can’t wait for you to come back!

  2. What a beautiful post Kelly, it reminds me of Kew Gardens in London, so many unusual flowers. How wonderful that you blessed your friend at her party. Looks like you and the friends become party animals 😜 when you all get together 😀. Have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you so much Ashley! I think I only slept about 8 hours in 3 days. But I had a blast. Everyone there was at least 13 years younger than me. It was tough to keep up LOL!

  3. Lovely! So glad you got to share it with friends.
    And that unknown purple flower is stunning.
    When you visit in August, you gals should consider Gibbs Gardens, and maybe combine it with Amicalola Falls. 🙂

    • Thank you Kathy! I will definitely look into those places. I hope to get some birding in when there. The places you mention are probably pretty good for that as well as views 😁

  4. What a beautiful beautiful place, you captured it wonderfully! So many stunning captures, and then to find out you took them with your phone…..WOW, I am amazed! Well done, Kelly!

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