2017 Monochrome Awards

I just found out I got an honorable mention for an international Black and White photo contest.  😁

There were 8,942 submissions from 87 countries! Wow! I am very honored to receive an award for this prestigious event. I submitted 3 photos so am thrilled one was selected. 

My winning photo was one of my all time favorite photos: Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park,  Colorado. 

It’s so exciting to be recognized! 

20 thoughts on “2017 Monochrome Awards

  1. What beautiful reflection Kelly, I can understand why you received this award, well done my friend! You deserve it, your photography is always of a high quality. Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations! The picture is awesome. Definitely a winner! I really enjoy looking at all of your posts. πŸ™‚

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