I Won at the State Fair!

I am so excited to tell you that I won some ribbons at the New Mexico State Fair this year. I submitted 3 photos to the photography contest (the max number you can enter). This year I decided to enter in the professional category. I figured I’ve been getting noticed in other ways that I might as well give it a shot. 

To submit a photo in professional you have to frame and mat your work. I had planned on framing these photos for the office, so I thought I might as well go professional and frame them the way I like with matching mats and frames. 

I won 2nd place in the Miscellaneous category with this photo titled “American Steel”.

I won 3rd place in the Urban category for this photo titled “Ranchos De Taos.

Both were from my weekend trip to Taos this summer. 
I submitted my pelican photo but it didn’t place.  The Animal category is the largest and has stiff competition when people go on safaries and such.

The best I’ve ever did before in the state fair was an honorable mention so I’m very happy with my wins this year. πŸ˜ƒ

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