52-Week Photo Challenge  – Week 7 “Red”

I love red! Red lipstick, red clothes, red shoes, red accessories, red flowers, red birds, red rocks. All shades of red too! 

One of my favorites is red nail polish. All shades of this too lol! 

So for this week’s challenge i had a lot of choices for red and I was having a hard time deciding what to do. 

Then last Thursday it fell into place the exact photo I wanted to take. 🙂

Scarlett had her first visit to the pet grooming salon.  She was shedding something awful.  I would brush and brush and never seem to make a dent. So I took her to be professionally groomed. When I dropped her off they asked a lot of questions about what I wanted done to Scarlett.  One of which was “Do you want her nails painted?” “Yes!” I said, “Red!”

So this week we have a joint photo of our red nails. 🙂

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