52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 6 “Lazy Days”

For some reason “Lazy Days” makes me think of a hot summer day. Which is OK in the winter.  Warm thoughts are always good lol! 

So coming up with a photo for this week’s challenge was more difficult. I decided that a lazy day for me, especially in winter, is a day spent scrapbooking.  I don’t get too many chances to just spend a whole day crafting.  But earlier this week I did just that and it was wonderful.  Even better, I was working on a beach themed album. Warm thoughts indeed! 

So my photo for this week’s challenge is of my crafting space. It’s a little messy. But it gets that way when I’m deep into a project šŸ™‚

Of course Scarlett is lazy when I am. My crafting corner is in our spare bedroom we’ve dubbed the “fun room”. Aside from my corner, the rest of the room is used for music. My husband’s band, “Reverend E and the Vagrants”, practice here most every week. While they practice, I scrapbook and give constructive feedback on the songs they practice.  

When it’s just me in the room, Scarlett likes to lay on the rug in front of the drum set. She crashes while I craft. Lazy day for sure for Scarlett!

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