52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 4 “Self Portrait”

Week 4 was “Self Portrait”.   Lots of things came to mind for me for this week’s challenge I thought about setting up my camera on a tripod and getting creative with lighting, etc.  But then I thought, I need to show “me” as I see myself.

So here’s my “selfie” for the challenge.  I love exploring interesting, picturesque places…and most especially in the southwest.  The varied landscapes and wide vistas can’t be beat in New Mexico. And while exploring and photographing my adventures, I like to look my best.  And that means doing my hair and wearing red lipstick.  🙂

This photo was taken at White Sands National Monument in southern New Mexico.  I had a great time exploring the dunes.  It was 20 degrees outside but I didn’t seem to notice since the sun was shining so nicely.  I haven’t been t0 White Sands since about 1976 when I was a young girl.  While there I thought of all the fun my family had picnicking in the dunes.


Kelly having a good hair day 🙂


Scarlett obviously couldn’t take her own selfie.  Now she’s a smart girl and could probably figure it out, but I didn’t have the time to show her LOL!   So I took her picture for her.  She loved running up and down the dunes as fast as she could go.  You can see she was having a great time.


Miss Scarlett

8 thoughts on “52-Week Photo Challenge – Week 4 “Self Portrait”

  1. Awesome selfie! Red lipstick, beautiful hair and sand dunes are a winning combination. And clearly, Scarlett is really good at being in photos too. Glad you both enjoyed a beautiful day and thanks for sharing this place. I’ve never been there but maybe some day… 🙂

      • After driving for four days straight from Maryland, we stopped for an overnight in Tucumcari, then four nights in Gallup, enroute to the Grand Canyon last summer to take a ‘break’. We spent a day visiting Canyon de Chelly. It was our first WOW of our mid-west summer adventure! We spent another day at El Morro. (I did posts on both if you want to check them out, look down my categories list for each.) 🙂 Then we continued to Arizona. We definitely want to revisit NM again to see more, it is a beautiful state you live in!

      • Wow! You hit some great spots!! I saw Canyon de Chelly for the first time last fall. It was a WOW moment for us too! Sounds like a fabulous trip!

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