Birding in Port Aransas, Texas (Part 2)

I ended my last post heading out to dinner.  We decided to eat dinner at Virginia’s again.  Their food is delicious and the scenery is great.  We ate a little earlier the second night so we had plenty of daylight to enjoy the sights.

We had a perfect view of the lighthouse in the distance.


While enjoying the views of the marina, an osprey flew by looking for a landing spot.  He thought he could land on a large stick stuck in the jetty.  But after a couple of attempts, he realized it was too small for him.



I had a grackle trying to beg for food while we ate.  I didn’t give him anything, so he gave me the evil eye.  🙂


Great-tailed grackle

Dinner was soooo good.  Fried shrimp cooked perfectly.


My dad enjoying dinner!

After dinner mom and I took some photos in the soft evening light.


Gorgeous sunset at the marina


Mom looking beautiful as always


I got a lot of sun on this trip!

The moon was full and bright!


Harvest Moon

While talking to Tim on the phone that evening, a was entertained by a hunting toad.


Gulf Coast Toad

I got up early again the next morning to visit the refuge one last time.  I was going to miss this place!



I was the first one there that morning.  Which I think was to my benefit as the wildlife hadn’t been disturbed in any way.  I walked very slowly and quietly.  Determined to blend in LOL!

I was greeted by lots lots of lizards.


Brown Anole

The first bird I saw was a juvenile Green Heron snoozing right next to the boardwalk.  He cracked an eye open at me, but otherwise didn’t move a muscle.


Juvenile Green Heron


Back to sleep 🙂

Further down the boardwalk, I was thrilled to see another lifer for me – a Least Bittern.  He didn’t seem to mind that I was there.  He groomed, stretched his wings, grabbed a snack and then moved on.  I wish the lighting had been better for photographs as I couldn’t have asked for a better subject not 5 feet from me.


Least Bittern


Looking up at me


Stretching his wings


Time to move on into the cattails

At the end of the boardwalk I saw several Marsh Wrens and Common Yellowthroat feeding.  They didn’t want to cooperate for photos.  I managed to get one semi-decent photo of the Common Yellowthroat.


Common Yellowthroat

There was a Great Egret feeding in the open area of the marsh.


Great Egret

A few other birds made an appearance at the boardwalk.


Green Heron


Tri-Colored Heron


Great-Tailed Grackle


Pied-Billed Grebe

In the shallows at the parking lot, there were a few shorebirds feeding in the morning light.


Lesser Yellowlegs


Stilt Sandpiper – another lifer!


Long-Billed Curlew

I hated to leave, but it was time to go get my parents and head to the beach.  It was another beautiful day at the beach.  We had a wonderful time.


Beautiful day at the beach!

I fed the birds at the beach.  It wouldn’t be a proper trip without doing so!  It was harder than I realized it would be getting a picture of a seagull in flight waiting for me to toss more food.


Laughing Gull – another lifer!


Great-Tailed Grackle


Laughing Gull


Lots of colorful clams


Horseshoe crab – not much has changed in the last 450 million years!

I hope you enjoyed my visit to the Gulf Coast.  If you have never been there, I highly recommend it!


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  1. Beautiful captures of Gulf Coast birds! We are on the east side of the Gulf and the bird life is very similar. Great shots of the Least Bittern!

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