Birds, Blooms and a Kite

Last Monday I had to deliver something to the north end of Albuquerque.  So I took advantage of the drive and decided to walk along the irrigation ditch behind Corrales.  It was a hot day, and I didn’t get on the trail until 11 am.  I figured there wouldn’t be any birds about at that hour, but I was surprised.  There were quite a number of them out.

Right away I saw a Blue Grosbeak singing.  Such a beautiful bird.  And he posed briefly for me too!


Blue Grosbeak

Soon after I saw a pair of Summer Tanagers.  Both of them were very busy flying about.  I never could get a good shot of the female.  But I did manage a decent shot of the male.  It’s difficult to photograph birds in the trees when the sun is straight overhead!


Summer Tanager male – you can tell he’s hot!

The cottonwood trees are busy making cotton to spread their seeds.  A Chipping Sparrow was collecting some of this cotton to line its nest.


Chipping Sparrow gathering nesting material


Chipping Sparrow

I saw a family of crows.  The baby was begging and begging for food.  They were deep in the shade.  I guess I would be too if I was a black bird living in the desert!


American Crows

An Ash-Throated Flycatcher made a brief appearance for me.  Then he was q1uickly gone again.


Ash-Throated Flycatcher

Then to my surprise, a Mississippi Kite flew over me and landed in a tree nearby.  He sat there a few minutes and groomed his feathers.   That was such a nice surprise!  I have only seen this bird once before in Texas a few years ago.


Mississippi Kite

Fortunately the trail was fairly shady, or Scarlett and I would have roasted in the heat and sun!


Corrales Irrigation Ditch trail – you can see Scarlett in the lower right looking for a lizard.

After the long walk, I was driving out of the neighborhood where I had parked.  I couldn’t help but notice the giant Century Plant blooming.  I had never seen one actively blooming before.  I’ve only seen the dead flower standing tall.   These are a type of agave plant.  And they only bloom once in their 25-30 year life.  Once they bloom, they die.  So it’s bittersweet to see one blooming.


Blooming Century Plant

After admiring this beautiful blooming plant, I couldn’t help but notice that this home had gorgeous gardens.  It was stunning! I took a few photos of the blooming gardens, but they just didn’t do it justice.  What I had really wanted to do was go in their back yard.  That looked amazing!


Desert garden in Corrales


Beautiful gladiolas

While photographing the gardens, I noticed a Lesser Goldfinch feeding on some flower seeds just a few feet away from me.


Lesser Goldfinch

I couldn’t resist photographing the bees enjoying the beautiful gladiola flowers.  There were so many buzzing about.


There were other insects enjoying the blooming garden as well.


Weird bug!


This grasshopper has cool looking eyes!

I saw a hummingbird briefly, but I never could get a good photo of him as he was deep in the flowers.


Can you see the hummingbird?

And the sunflowers were absolutely stunning!


I love sunflowers!

An American Robin was enjoying the shade and deep grasses under a tree.  Smart bird!


American Robin

It was a great hike.  And such wonderful subjects to photograph on a summer afternoon.


At home my Cooper’s Hawk has a hatchling!  I can only see one chick right now.  Not sure if there will be any more.  I could tell it must have hatched in the just last couple days because it was very wobbly on its feet.  I only got a couple of terrible photos today.  Hopefully I will get some better ones as it gets a little older and stronger.


Baby Cooper’s Hawk


The baby tried standing up and fell over.  🙂

And then I noticed I caught a squirrel!  I have declared war on the squirrels at my house.  They have multiplied and are causing a lot of damage to my house, gardens and chickens.  They steal my chicken eggs.   They’ve been eating plants out of my garden.   And they’ve been pulling the stuffing out of the cushions on my swing.  So I’ve been actively trapping them and transporting them a few miles away.  This little girl was squirrel #7 that I’ve trapped in just the past few weeks.


Squirrel #7 in my car ready to be taken to a new location.  I have to admit it is adorable…

There have been a lot of  butterflies flying around my home lately.  I managed to get a couple of nice shots last weekend.  I think the Two-Tailed Swallowtail is State Fair worthy.  Yet another photo to have to consider in my long list of potential State Fair entries.


Juniper Hairstreak


Two-Tailed Swallowtail

Lastly, I’ve had a lot of female hummingbirds building nests.  They come and get nesting material from a ball I’ve hung in a tree.  As of yet, I haven’t found any of their nests this year.  They can hide them well!




Birding Along the Rio Grande & Botanical Gardens

Recently I took Scarlett for an early morning walk along the Rio Grande near Alameda Open Space.  There were lots of birds singing, enjoying the early summer weather.  I managed to get what is probably my best photo yet of a Summer Tanager.  For some reason I have a hard time getting a great photo of these birds.


Summer Tanager

A Black Phoebe was feeding along the irrigation ditch next to the river.


Black Phoebe

Then to my surprise, a whole flock of Cedar Waxwing flew in and started catching flying bugs along this ditch.  I didn’t know they did this.  They would fly out and snag a bug and fly back.  Not as graceful as the Black Phoebe, but still fun to watch.  I took several photos of them.  Who can resist photographing the beautiful Cedar Waxwings?!


Cedar Waxwing


Cedar Waxwing


Cedar Waxwing

The day was so nice, so I decided to pop into the Botanical Gardens.


Main path of the gardens

I figured the summer flowers should be blooming great by now.  And I was right!  The roses were especially nice.  Here’s a few of the best photos I took.


There were quite a number of butterflies out, but most of them wouldn’t land long enough for a photo.  This Cabbage White was the most cooperative.


Cabbage White

The Japanese Garden is always my favorite to visit.  I love the water features there.  I found this smaller waterfall that I never notice before.


Black Phoebe


While photographing the waterfall, I realized there were several dragonflies buzzing by.  I can never resist photographing dragonflies.  But they are such a challenge to get a crisp photo.  But I still try!


I have wanted to get a photo of the red dragonflies for a long time.  I think the red color is so striking.  I finally had a cooperative subject!


I also found a lot of dragonflies at the main pond of the Gardens.  The blue ones were very busy chasing each other.


There were a lot of  bullfrogs singing at the pond.  And they have been busy reproducing!  I couldn’t believe how many tadpoles were in the water.


This frog has a lot of Cottonwood Tree fluff stuck to him.


Bullfrog tadpoles

On the main pond, there were a large number of young male Wood Ducks.  They look pretty scrappy changing into their adult plumage.


Young male Wood Duck

The water lilies were blooming nicely in the pond.


In the Memorial Garden area I saw this American Robin fly down and start basking in the warm sun.  He looked like he was really enjoying that sun bath.


American Robin

Lots of House Finches were singing.  One of them was an Orange-Morph.  I don’t see this coloration very often.


Orange-Morph House Finch

I need to visit the gardens more often.   They are very relaxing and provide lots of opportunities for photography.






North Crest Trail Hike and other stops

Last weekend I decided to hike the North Crest Trail.  It has been very hot here lately and that’s the coolest place to hike in the summer as it is over 10,000 feet in elevation.  I haven’t been on this trail for a couple of years.  Sometimes when you don’t hike a trail for a while, it seems almost new again.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, the crest of the mountain has been getting rain every few days – socked in with thick clouds.  But on this day, it was crystal clear.  Because of all the rains, the trail was very lush.


Miss Scarlett blends in with the lush vegetation

It is a shady trail to hike in the summer, but still has lots of wildflowers blooming in the spots of sunshine.  There were lots of Orange Skipperlings flying about.  I managed to get a nice shot of one in a spot of sunshine.

The winter weather and winds of the spring took their toll on the trail in places.  There were a lot of fallen trees blocking the path.


Lots of fallen trees – as you can see, Scarlett had a much easier time navigating the trail 🙂

I heard a lot of Ruby-Crowned Kinglets singing but never did see any to photograph.  But a House Wren made a brief appearance.  I heard a Golden-Crowned Kinglet but never saw it.  Which was disappointing as it would have been a lifer for me.


House Wren

About a mile into the hike you finally get to see some view of Albuquerque and the Rio Grande Valley 10,000 feet below you.  The photos are a bit hazy because of the Dog Head Fire burning about 25 miles south.  The fire is only about 10 miles from my house.  Yikes!


Dog Head Fire as seen from the top of the hill behind my home.



View of Albuquerque and the Rio Grande Valley

I always seem to stop at the same point on this trail…right where another trail intersects it and it’s a big clearing.  I had hoped to go further down the trail this day, but soon realized why I always turned around at this point.  I’ve hiked 2.5 miles to get to this spot.  That means my total hike is 5 miles.  I could probably go further, but it’s almost all uphill on the way back…ugh!

Someone came walking by while I was taking the photographs above.  I asked him if he would take a picture of Scarlett and I.  I didn’t do my hair today because I was supposed to be wearing a hat.  But silly me left the hat in the car.  Ah well….


Me and Scarlett

While in the clearing, there were lots of birds about singing at the tops of trees.  I managed to get a couple photos of some close by.


Yellow-Rumped Warbler


Spotted Towhee

I was appreciating the abundant shade on the way back as the day had really warmed up.  I lingered in the aspen grove as it was so beautiful.


Beautiful Aspen trees

On the way down the mountain, I decided to stop at Capulin Spring to see if there were any birds wanting a drink during the hot afternoon.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Lots of birds came by for a drink.  It was the usual culprits there except for a very vocal MacGillivray’s Warbler.


Northern Flicker


Dark-Eyed Junco


Western Tanager


Ruby-Crowned Kinglet


MacGillivray’s Warbler


MacGillivray’s Warbler

Just before leaving the spring, a Broad-Tailed Hummingbird made an appearance.  I notice they always want to drink right where the spring drips into the log.  Which is bad because you can see all the plumbing gets in the way.  Whenever I am there, I try to do a little maintenance around the log.  Clean up any grasses overgrowing the log and trim any branches in the way of photographs.  I also move the rocks around to hike the plumbing.  But somehow these rocks get shoved aside between visits.  I’m guessing it must be bears but who knows?! So I made a mental note after looking at my photographs to see what I could do to improve the looks of that pipe where the hummingbirds like to drink.  But here’s the photos I did take.  Still pretty as the sun was shining on the back of the bird making those beautiful jeweled feathers shine.


Broad-Tailed Hummingbird


Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

Heading further down the road I decided to hike up to Bill Spring to see what butterflies might be enjoying the mud. On the way I saw I very pregnant Mule Deer feeding along the side of the road.  I clicked a quick photo while driving by.


There were lots of butterflies flying about at the spring.


Weidemeyer’s Admiral


Question Mark


California Sister


Underside of California Sister


Red Admiral


Silver-Spotted Skipper


Clouded Sulpher

There were a few birds that made an appearance at the spring as well.  The chipping sparrow was there the whole time gorging himself on all the bugs flying about the water’s edge.


Chipping Sparrow


American Robin


Black-Headed Grosbeak

By this time I had hiked 7 miles.  Scarlett was pooped!  She napped the whole time I was photographing butterflies at Bill Spring.  She was a very happy dog! It was a very fun day!



Enjoying the Summer Weather & Birds

A couple weeks ago I hiked the Tree Spring Trail on the east side of the Sandia Mountains.  The day was positively gorgeous!  I had originally intended to just hike a mile in or so to see the wildflowers and just enjoy a nice morning hike.  But the weather was so nice and Scarlett and I felt good, so we just kept going until we reached the top.

As soon as I started hiking the trail I saw a House Wren busily searching the forest floor for goodies.  He didn’t seem to mind me and posed very nicely for a photo.  What a great way to start a hike!


House Wren

There weren’t as many flowers as I thought there would be, but there were enough to attract some butterflies.  Most of them wouldn’t land long enough for a photo, but I managed to get a few decent shots.  One of the flowers I love to see is this one below.  I love the colors of it.  But don’t take a sniff!  It stinks!!!


About halfway up the trail, I came across an area that had lots of birds.  Most of them were high in the canopy, but I managed to capture a few of them.


Cordilleran Flyatcher


Spotted Towhee


Virginia’s Warbler

Further up the trail, it opens up to a rocky outcropping.  The cactus were blooming nicely, so I made Scarlett pose 🙂


Miss Scarlett

Back in the dense forest, a patch of wild irises were blooming nicely.  I took my time to get some nice photos as the background lent itself well for closeup photography.


Soon we were at the top.  Yay!!  We hiked 2.5 miles to the top and it was nice to sit and enjoy the view and cool air at close to 10,000 feet in elevation.


You can see Scarlett up ahead behind the juniper.  Silly Girl!


View of Albuquerque from the top of the Sandia Mountains

Heading back down, the insects were more active with the warmer weather.  I got this interesting looking bee.  He was FAST! So I had a hard time getting a sharp photo.  This was my best one of the bunch.  But I think it looks like a lion 🙂


I managed to capture a few butterflies on the way back.


Marine Blue – I like the little bee flying by in the background 🙂


Spring Azure

While hiking Scarlett kept wanting to eat grass.  She must have had a sour stomach.  I kept telling her not to eat it.  I thought she was listening to me, but then I caught her red-handed! or should I say red-pawed 😉


Later in the week I met up with a new friend I met through this blog.  Stephanie and her friend Peggy were visiting here from Illinois, and Stephanie wanted to know where some good birding spots were to see some local birds.  Check out her blog


Me and Stephanie

I offered to take her out to my favorite spot in the mountains…Capulin Spring.  She loved it!  Right as we were walking up, we saw a Western Tanager.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  Most of the birds she saw were lifers for her.  We had a great time there.


Western Tanager


Northern Flicker


Green-Tailed Towhee


Yellow-Rumped Warbler


Band-Tailed Pigeon


Broad-Tailed Hummingbird gathering nesting material


Red-Breasted Nuthatch


Red-Naped Sapsucker

On the way back I next took them to Cienega campground.  We hiked along the stream and she saw a few more new birds.  We had great fun together.  Just before leaving, I heard a MacGillivray’s Warbler.  I managed to find it and we got to see him singing from the top of the snag.  A great way to end a bird outing.


MacGillivray’s Warbler


Tiger Swallowtail

A couple days later I met up with Stephanie and her friend Peggy again.  I took them to the Piedras Marcadas petroglyphs.  I was hopeful they would enjoy the rock art and see some more variety of new birds for them.  And we weren’t disappointed!  I brought Scarlett along on this trip as they were disappointed not to meet her the other day.

I was upset with myself though because I forgot to turn on the optical vibration reduction on my camera as I had turned it off the day before.  So my photos weren’t very sharp on this trip.  🙁




Scarlett intently watching the jackrabbit


Rock Wren


Black-Throated Sparrow


Canyon Wren


Black-Chinned Hummingbird


Say’s Phoebe


I hope someday to visit Stephanie on her home ground to see her favorite birding spots.

My next hike was at Four Hills / Manzano Open Space.  I had hoped to see the Gray Vireo that’s been spotted nesting there.  But no luck on that visit.  But I did see a very cooperative Black-Throated Sparrow, which as you know is one of my most favorite birds.


Black-Throated Sparrow

Another bonus of the hike was a brief glimpse of a Scott’s Oriole.  Beautiful bird!  I got this shot at a distance.  But when I tried getting closer he flew away.


Scott’s Oriole

The Cholla Cacti were blooming beautifully.  I love their bright pink flowers.


Cholla cactus bloom

Scarlett enjoyed the early morning hike.  Lots of rabbits running here and there.


My beautiful Scarlett


Cassin’s Kingbird

Around home has been very active with lots of babies being born.  It’s been lots of fun finding the nests of the birds in my yard and hearing lots of babies begging for food.


Western Bluebird


Western Bluebird


House Finch enjoying the morning sun


House Finches


Bewick’s Wren

But the biggest surprise was finding a Cooper’s Hawk nest in my yard.  I only took one photo as it was very nervous of my finding it’s secluded location in the far corner of my 4 acres.


Cooper’s Hawk on nest

As you can see…I’ve really been enjoying the summer weather!  I have discovered it’s much easier to sit and edit photos and write my blog in the winter by the fire with a cup of coffee.  In the summertime, I’m wanting to be out exploring!






Lower Rio en Medio

Last Tuesday my friend Dia and I hiked the Lower Rio en Medio trail just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I recently purchased a book of hikes around Santa Fe and this was the first one I chose to do.  It sounded wonderful…hike along a river and get to a waterfall.  What sounds better than that???  🙂

The hike started out just beautiful with lush undergrowth beneath oak trees with the stream gurgling next to us.

20160607_134606_resized [17341000]

Beginning of Lower Rio en Medio trail


Lush flowers under the oaks

Soon we were in tall Ponderosa Pines and Douglas Firs.  It was a warm day, but the shade from all the trees made for a very pleasant hike.


There were so many wildflowers blooming, including lots of wild roses.  Dia and I both love learning the wildflowers that bloom in New Mexico.  So we just had to stop and examine each flower we saw along the trail.

Soon into the hike, we had to cross the stream.  That water was ice cold!!!

We both had such a good time visiting and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.  This was an awesome trail.

20160607_100821_resized [17344278]

Kelly and Dia


Dia crossing one of the many times we had to cross the stream

Scarlett didn’t seem to mind the ice cold water at all!  LOL!


Scarlett having fun in the stream

There were so many “Kodak” moments along this trail.  It took us quite a while to walk upstream as every few feet was another beautiful spot.


My favorite photo I took of the river was the one below.  This was a beautiful spot along the trail.  New Mexico doesn’t have too many places where it seems cool and lush.


At one stop, I came up0n the fattest lizard I’ve ever seen.  He was feeding good on the bugs along the river!


But of course, the goal of the hike was to see the waterfall.  We soon came to a bunch of cairns to guide the way to the falls.



We were impressed with whoever built this particular cairn.

We were getting excited to see the falls.  We knew the trail was going to fork.  The right fork taking you up and past the falls and the left fork taking you below the falls.  When we got to the fork, we went right to see the falls from above first. Scarlett was happy to lead the way!


Such a beautiful glimpse of our goal.

20160607_113418_resized_1 [17344277]

Next we headed back down the trail to see the falls from below.  The canyon really narrowed up and we had to trek through the water quite a bit.  It was so beautiful.


Then we came around a bend and there were the falls.  Just stunning!  I love waterfalls!


Dia immediately ran out to the rock to see the falls and feel the cool spray. I couldn’t resist photographing her there.


She said there was a cave behind the falls with smaller falls inside.  So I just had to go out there and see for myself.  Dia took my photo….I don’t look nearly as glamorous :-/



After peeking around the falls, I decided to go behind them.  It was awesome!



I came back out and thought to myself…I need to get my camera in here and take some photos.  Dia had a baggie from her lunch that fit my camera.  So I bundled it up and stuffed it in my shorts.  LOL!!!  But it worked!  I made it back around the falls and took a few pics.  It was tight quarters so I couldn’t get very wide view of the inside cave.

Scarlett didn’t like the falls.  She wanted to follow me but just couldn’t get up the nerve to get in the waterfall.


Scarlett was keeping an eye on me while I was behind the falls


Scarlett was unhappy that she couldn’t get to me.

When I came out from behind the falls, Dia got the courage to go in there.  It was exciting and COLD!!!


Dia navigating the slippery rocks

After having a nice lunch next to the falls, we took a few more pics before heading back downstream.


20160607_124102_resized [17341002]

One last pic of us and the falls


I love this photo Dia took.  Me capturing my sweet Scarlett as she relaxed in a small spot of shade.


I made Dia climb all over his tree for pics.  LOL!!  She’s a good sport!


I switched lenses so I could take some photos of the all the variety of butterflies we saw while hiking up the trail.

As we were heading back to the car, we starting talking about lunch…and margaritas!!


I loved hiking with my new backpack!  And it’s in my favorite color!

We had made plans to eat lunch at a restaurant nearby called Gabriels.  It’s a fabulous Mexican food restaurant known especially for their delicious fresh-made guacamole at your table side.


What a wonderful day spent with my wonderful friend Dia!

Catching Up

It’s been awhile since I last posted on my blog.  Work has been busy and I only had time for short walks here and there.  But when I was going through my photos I had taken over the past few weeks, I realized I had several that were worth posting.  Ok…let’s be honest…more than several….a bunch!

One of my hikes was up at Carlito Springs.  I hadn’t been there this year and it was just beautiful the day I visited.  Columbine Flowers were blooming near the water.  As Scarlett and I were exploring the ponds, I realized someone had put goldfish in the lowest pond.  I sat and watched them, relaxing, with Scarlett laying next to me at the water’s edge.  It was fun to watch her when she finally saw the fish.  I think this was the first time she’s ever seen fish.  She was fascinated.


Carlito Spring pond


Scarlett fascinated by the goldfish

There weren’t any birds about at the spring, which always surprises me.

A few days later I hiked Ojito de San Antonio, which is just a couple miles from Carlito Springs.  There were quite a few birds out that morning, but most of them didn’t want their photo taken.


Western Bluebird


Plumbeous Vireo

One afternoon I decided to drive out to Valley Irrigation Road.  I hadn’t been there in quite some time.  As always, I saw several Swainson’s Hawks.  Always a treat to see.


Swainson’s Hawk

I was surprised at the variety of birds I saw in just 30 minutes of birding by car.

I made sure to stop at the far end of Valley Irrigation Road to see if the  Burrowing Owls were still there.  The prairie dogs immediately put up the alarm when I drove up.


Prairie Dog giving the alarm call

Off in the distance I did see one owl.  This was the best photo I could get.


Burrowing Owl

I walked along the river a few times.  I’m always guaranteed nice bird sightings in the bosque.  I’m calling this year the year of the Chat.   I have heard and seen more Yellow-Breasted Chats than ever before.  And surprisingly, most of them are out in the open singing.  In the past, I have found them difficult to spot in the foliage.  I love these birds.


Yellow-Breasted Chat

Along with the chat, there are a lot of grosbeaks about.  Always beautiful to look at and listen to.


Blue Grosbeak


Black-Headed Grosbeak

Here are some other birds I saw during my various hikes along the bosque.


Ash-Throated Flycatcher


A successful year for this Canada Goose and her babies


Indigo Bunting

With the warm spring weather, the dragonflies have come out in great numbers.  I love seeing them.


On another morning, I walked around the trailhead at Cienega Campground.  A lot of birds were active that day.  I hated to leave to go back home to work.  🙁


Virginia’s Warbler


MacGillivray’s Warbler


Warbling Vireo


Wild Turkey

Last Thursday, the Thursday Birders met up in the Jemez Mountains for a full morning of high altitude birding.  It was beautiful day and there were lots of birds about.


Williamson’s Sapsucker


Pygmy Nuthatch


House Wren


Western Wood-Pewee


Dusky Flycatcher


Western Bluebird


Violet-Green Swallow


Northern Flicker


The highlight of the trip for me and most everyone attending, was the sighting of the American Three-Toed Woodpecker.  I’ve only seen this bird once before, and only at a great distance.  On this trip, the woodpecker was quite close and willing to stay out in the open for quite some time.  It was a wonderful treat!


American Three-Toed Woodpecker


American Three-Toed Woodpecker (you can see the three-toed foot in this photo)

After birding all morning, we all sat down to eat lunch.  We were treated to hummingbirds and Western Tanagers during our meal.


Broad-Tailed Hummingbird – female


Broad-Tailed Hummingbird – male


Western Tanager

Since I was already in the Jemez and the day was still young, I decided to drive up the road to hike the Las Conchas hike.  Such a beautiful trail.  I think it’s in the top 5 of my all time favorite New Mexico hikes.  Scarlett had a blast playing in the water and crossing the boardwalks.   I plan on visiting this trail again soon with my friend Valerie and her husband Kim.  I will definitely post lots of photos of this great trail then.


While hiking the trail, I couldn’t believe how many Ruby-Crowned Kinglets were singing and flying about.  It was wonderful listening to their beautiful song while I hiked.


Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

There were quite a few other birds about as well.  Overall the birding day was quite successful.


American Robin

I tried to get Scarlett to do a selfie with me 🙂  She wasn’t very cooperative.  I need to teach her the “selfie” command.  LOL!!  But I did get a shot of her giving me some love.

20160602_154707_resized_1 [15080267]

The best of the selfie attempts with Scarlett

20160602_154710_resized_1 [15080265]

Scarlett loves me 🙂

20160602_154929_resized_1 [15080249]

My sweet Scarlett

Around home I saw some baby Mountain Chickadees just before they left the nest.  And I was thrilled to see a new warbler at my house this year.  🙂


Baby Mountain Chickadee – he was looking out of the nest because the parents were calling and calling-encouraging him to leap out!


Black-Throated Gray Warbler

Yesterday, my husband drove me to Water Canyon near Socorro, NM, to look for the Red-Faced Warbler.  This would be a lifer bird for me.  As far as I know, this is one of the few known places near Albuquerque where these birds can be found during the spring.

Thanks to Joe and Rebecca’s excellent directions, I found the bird almost immediately after we parked.  The birds weren’t shy at all, and I was able to get several great photos.  Such a beautiful bird and a beautiful song.  A successful trip!!!


Red-Faced Warbler


Red-Faced Warbler.  I couldn’t believe I had such cooperative subjects!

On the way home I had my husband stop in at the Taco Bell Marsh.  It was pretty quiet on the marsh except for the Black-Necked Stilts.  They are actively nesting right now.  I got a photo of one acting injured to lure away predators.  They didn’t like us stopping there, so we only stayed a few minutes.


Black-Necked Stilt


Black-Necked Stilt trying to lure away a predator (i.e., me and my husband)

Now I think I’m caught up!   🙂  I hope you enjoyed all my various bird walks over the past three weeks.