Scarlett’s 1st Birthday!!!

Today was Scarlett’s 1st birthday! Yay!  I had planned on a fun hike today for us but work got in the way.  So we didn’t get outdoors until around 11 am.  I decided to hike in Corrales as we hadn’t been there in a little while and the day was beautiful after all that wind.

We hiked for 4 hours and went 6.4 miles.  Scarlett loved every minute of it.  We hiked first on the trail that follows the river.


She’s thinking… hurry up mom!


Miss Scarlett at 1 year old


Along the trail I came across a large hollow log.  So of course I had to make Scarlett pose for a photo!

20160324_123816 [180848]

Can you see Scarlett in the log?


My fun girl!



After that I found a side trail to the river.

20160324_124710 [180846]

Rio Grande with the Sandia Mountains in the background. There’s a hint of green starting to show in the Bosque.

She was thrilled to see the water!  That dog just loves water!


20160324_121202 [184780]

She’s getting more brave in deeper water.



But it’s still the most fun to run and splash in the shallow water along the shore.


Doesn’t she look like she’s having a blast!?!


After splashing around in the water she came out for a good shake.


She was rejuvenated by the cold water.  So she ran around in circles in the sand.



Look at that big dog grin!


Scarlett has the longest tail!


It was time to turn around and head back to the car.  So we left the Bosque and headed back along the irrigation ditch behind Corrales. There were a few butterflies floating around.  There was a white butterfly I tried to get a photo of, but it would never land.  Of the few I managed to photograph, I didn’t get very good pics

Even though it was the middle of the day, there were quite a few birds out.  I’m guessing they didn’t get to eat much yesterday in those hurricane force winds.  I saw about 4 Cooper’s Hawks flying by but couldn’t get a photo.


Pine Siskin


White-Breasted Nuthatch looking in the crevices of the bark for goodies.



Black-Capped Chickadee


The best bird photo of the day was of a Hermit Thrush.   I love this bird’s song.


Hermit Thrush


Scarlett crossed every bridge along the ditch.  She kept thinking there was a way to get to that water.  But I wouldn’t let her swim in the ditch.  It was deep and flowing fast.

20160324_141709 [180835]

Scarlett wanting to get in the water.  Crazy girl!

Whenever I would stop to photograph something, she was happy to sit back and relax.  She’s such a good sweet girl!


So I think you’ll agree with me.  Scarlett had a great birthday! 🙂

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