So many butterflies!

I have been so busy with work these last few weeks that it has been difficult to get out birding and looking for butterflies. But I did manage to get out for an hour here and there during the week.

I got several pretty butterflies this past week. I’m getting better at identifying them 🙂

I got a several bird photos too but that will be another post.

I had to drive to Las Vegas, New Mexico, this past week for work. I hated to leave little Miss Scarlett in the crate all day so I took her with me. I was so nervous to take her away from home since she hasn’t had all Ber puppy shots yet. So I made her stay in the car 90% of the time.

She was pretty patient with me stopping and chasing down a butterfly or bird. At one point she barked at me as I was walking away. I got a great pic of her watching me from the car 🙂


Miss Scarlett


Unknown butterfly - Bill Spring, Sandias


Fatal metalmark - Bill Spring, Sandias


Silver-spotted skipper - Bill Spring, Sandias


Hoary Comma - my house in Tijeras


Checkered White - Embudito Canyon, Sandias


Meridian's Duskywing - Embudito Canyon, Sandias


Canyonland Satyr - Embudito Canyon


Reakirt's Blue - Sapello, New Mexico

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