Meet Miss Scarlett

On Monday I picked up my new best friend…Miss Scarlett Raven.  She’s a purebred german shepherd and will be about 75 pounds full grown.  On her first vet visit she weighed 12 pounds….she’s got a lot of growing to do.

She’s a real sweetheart.  Very calm and brave.  She was scared of Samson, our old german shepherd, but instead of running and hiding she stood her ground and barked at him.  It didn’t take long though for them to become best buddies.  Samson is very good with puppies.  He knows they are young and little and he’s very nurturing.

Scarlett’s first day was full of changes but she did very well.  Didn’t even cry much that first night.  She’s settled in nicely and seems very happy.  She’s even taking her leash lessons very well.  She already comes when called every time and walks very nicely beside me on the leash.  She seems to enjoy our lessons together.

I’m looking forward to taking her on hikes.  She loves being outside and has enjoyed exploring our 4 acres with me.  I so want to take her now on trails for exploring but the vet said parvo is very bad this year and has recommended I keep her home until she’s had all her booster shots.  I’d rather be safe than sorry.

But I couldn’t wait to share her with you.


Scarlett meeting my friend’s dog Mya. They will be hiking buddies


Scarlett having fun chasing the ball with Samson.


Miss Scarlett on day 1 at her new home


Isn’t she sweet?


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