A week of Birding around Albuquerque, NM

This past week I was able to get out birding several times.  The weather was beautiful and my schedule was lighter.  So I strapped on my hiking boots, grabbed my camera and hit the trails.

My first stop was Embudito.  I knew the orioles had to be there soon and was hoping to get the Scott’s Oriole.  I climbed the higher trail instead of hiking along the arroyo.  The last couple times I had been there I had heard a lot of birdsong up the hillside.  It was a good choice that day.  I came around a bend and saw both the Scott’s and Bullock’s Orioles feeding in a bush.  They saw me at the same time and flew off.  I spent the next 20 minutes hunting them down for a photo.  The effort was worth it.  The Scott’s Oriole was a lifer for me.


Bullock’s Oriole


Scott’s Oriole

I also got pretty close to a Rufous-Crowned Sparrow singing in a bush along the trail.  I made my way down to the spring so I could hike along the arroyo on my way out.  I saw a pair of Spotted Towhees and a Juniper Titmouse trying to get the attention of a female.  He was so camoflauged that the only way I saw him was because he was singing at the top of his lungs and chasing the female.


Rufous-Crowned Sparrow


Juniper Titmouse


Spotted Towhee

Another day I had to go to Los Lunas so I thought I would take the opportunity to check on the burrowing owls.  While there I had a road runner cross my path.  He was busy hunting for lizards and didn’t seem to mind me following along with the car.  Soon I came to the owls and there was a pair right next to the road.  I sat and watched for a while. There was a bush nearby that they loved sitting in for a better view of the surroundings.  I think they are used to people watching them because they didn’t seem too concerned about me.


Greater Roadrunner


Burrowing Owl keeping an eye on the sky for predators


Burrowing Owl

Since I had the time I thought I would drive through the Valle de Oro Refuge to see what might be around.  I never seem to have any luck there.  I always hear of all these sightings of birds that I need for my life list, but they have never been there when I visit.  This day didn’t provide anything new, but I did get some nice shots of a variety of birds there enjoying the field being flooded.


Lark Sparrow


Brown-Headed Cowbird


Snowy Egret


Cattle Egret


Black-Chinned Hummingbird – giving the evil eye 🙂

One day I took advantage of being on the very north end of town one day and stopped in at the Tramway wetlands.  I was rewarded with a pair of Canada Geese with two babies.  I’d never seen baby geese before so it was a real treat.  Not much else there that day though.


Canada Geese

Lastly I hiked Bear Canyon for the first time.  I didn’t have much time and thought it looked like a nice hike.  There weren’t many birds out that day.  It was windy and there were spotty rain showers all over town. I saw lots of Black-Throated Sparrows.  I never tire of these birds.  They make me smile every time.  Always sitting in the top of a bush or cactus singing away.  I especially liked the photo I got of one singing in a bush with flowers around him.


Black-Throated Sparrow

The other bird I saw plenty of was the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher.  These little guys are so adorable.  This particular male wasn’t shy at all and let me get within 10 feet of him.  Made for a crisp photo.

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

The view of the Sandias was specatular that day.  That trail makes for a nice photo as there aren’t very many houses along the foothills.  I soon had to hurry back to my car as the rain showers seemed to be headed my way.


Storm over the south end of Albuquerque


Bear Canyon Trail


Sandia Mountain Range

The week was a success getting that Scott’s Oriole!  Next stop the Birdathon at Fort Sumner!

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  1. Kelly, you have really gotten some great picture. I like most were thr ones taken in eastern NM. Love DAD!!!!!

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