Great Horned Owls – Finally!!!

Thanks to fellow blogger Joe I was finally able to see a couple of Great Horned Owl nests today.  It was very exciting to see them.  He told me where several nests were located around town.  I had time to find two of them.  I hope to go next week and locate the others that have babies already.

The first nest I found was in the Piedra Marcadas area off Eagle Ranch Road.  The nest is easily visible as well as the mother owl inside.  She was hunkered way down so only got the top of her head.  I looked for the male but didn’t see him anywhere nearby.

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

I then headed to the Rio Grande Nature Center.  That nest is very easy to spot.  The female was sitting up in the nest so I was able to get a better photo of her.  She never opened her eyes.  It was very windy today so the nest was swaying pretty good.  Must have been a nice way to sleep today.

Nesting Mourning Dove

Great Horned Owl

I looked for the male and he was several trees over but very visible.  I slowly crept closer and closer for a better photo.  He finally woke up and gave me that disconcerting yellow-eyed glare.  Beautiful! Thanks Joe!!!


Great Horned Owl

I will definitely be visiting these owl nests over the next few weeks in hopes of getting a glimpse of the babies.

While at the nature center I saw a pair of Bushtits and a White-Throated Sparrow.


White-Throated Sparrow



Lots of turtles were enjoying the sunshine today. And a squirrel was raiding the bird feeder while a Wood Duck squawked below.


Isn’t that squirrel supposed to be outside the bars?????


Wood Duck


How many turtles are there? Lots and lots!

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  1. Re:GHOs….my experience…if they look sleepy…you’re ok….if their eyes get big, round and really yellow…take cover….

    • Thanks so much Joe for your precise directions! It was great to finally have success. I’m going to head out to the other sites you mentioned soon. Unfortunately, spring gardening has taken most of my free time these last few days.

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