Carlito Springs Hike

I’m finally finding some time to write about my recent hike to Carlito Springs in the Sandia Mountains.  I had heard about it since last summer but didn’t find the time to hike up to it until recently.  I’m glad I did.  It was really unique and beautiful.

Here’s an article on the history of Carlito Springs.

I really enjoyed taking photos of the pools that are still intact.  It’s a beautiful oasis in the desert.  I have a feeling I will be visiting this spot often this year.  It’s very close to home and an easy hike.  Would be so relaxing this summer to put my feet in the cool water while I read a book and enjoy the wildlife.

I highly recommend you take the time to visit this little gem of a location so close to Albuquerque.

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  1. Carlito Springs…..hmmmm….next time I visit Albq….looks awesome, thanks for the tip! Well done.

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