Piedra Lisa / Los Poblanos / Arroyo Calabacillas Hike

The weather has been positively gorgeous! So I’ve been going out early enjoying long hikes and spring birding.  I have been visiting various trails along the west side of the Sandia Mountains.  I haven’t been on them for a while…some for several years.  So last Thursday I decided to do the Piedra Lisa trail which is south of Embudito.

I saw lots of Black-Chinned Sparrows.  They were all singing atop the cacti and bushes.  I love those beautiful birds.  I was able to get several nice shots.  Was thrilled again to see the Cactus Wren.  I’m so happy I have found them here in Albuquerque.  Before now I only got to enjoy them when I went to Arizona. Also saw several canyon towhee. Not much else out that morning so I decided to head over to Los Poblanos Open Space where I’ve heard Western Screech Owls were nesting.


Black-Throated Sparrow


Canyon Towhee


Cactus Wren

As usual, no luck seeing any of the owls there at Los Poblanos.  Not much of anything there as the morning was growing late.  But I did happen to see a Roadrunner with a lizard.  He wouldn’t let me get too close so the photo isn’t the best.  But it was fun to see him.  Saw a fun wind vane on one of the neighboring houses.

While hiking at Los Poblanos I ran into another birder and asked if he knew about the Great Horned Owls around town.  He told me about several that he knew of.  He told me exactly where to find one at Arroyo Calabacillas.  I followed his directions but…. no owls 🙁

But I did see a Bewick’s Wren going in and out of his nest inside a cottonwood tree.  He was way up in the canopy but I managed to get a photo. I also had a Black Phoebe land right next to me.  Got a nice closeup photo.

Poor LIela was pooped at the end of the 3 hikes that morning.  I was too!

On my way home I saw some cool cloud formations.  Thought I would share those here too.

DSC_7352 DSC_7351


Black Phoebe


Bewick’s Wren




Greater Roadrunner


4 thoughts on “Piedra Lisa / Los Poblanos / Arroyo Calabacillas Hike

  1. Great Photos – really liked the Flying Towhee. I’m just now beginning my bird hikes for the season. You really have some great hiking/birding locations in your part of the world.

  2. Hmmm…. Ok, sent it again, this time without pictures…is there another email address we could try? Email me if that’s easiest (joeschelling@msn.com)

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